Mark Walz, Jr.

Storyteller. Illustrator. Multimedia Designer. Creative., Lexington, KY

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Mark is truly a business developer and has his hands in brand development and strategy, email marketing, website development, social media marketing, videography, and photography. He has worked with multiple businesses, including restaurants, non-profits, nutritionists, lawyers, models, and photographers. He spends his free time reading books or listening to podcasts that feature industry leaders, educating himself on the latest industry trends and strategies.

He has worked in church communications for the last five years and is also on the communications team for the state level of the United Methodist Church and for the Association of National Camp and Retreat Ministries. Mark has completed freelance design work and website work for universities, editorials, and for many others. He launched his creative agency in 2019 with a focus on brand strategy, marketing, and design. The work he has taken on includes email marketing for an intellectual property firm, lead generation and marketing for a real estate group, social media management, and marketing for multiple clients (including a concert series and real estate), and leading brand strategy and business development meetings for two local non-profits. Mark is also a gifted writer and loves to tell and craft stories through the medium of both the written audible word.

Through his work, he has learned that this kind of business is truly all about personality, authenticity, and storytelling. Mark is quirky, eccentric, a status quo challenger, and most of all, he is authentic. This attribute has allowed him to be open and honest with clients, and to develop a trust that allows the out-of-the-box ideas to be designed and executed.